asarum_smallLOGLINE: A young student and her boyfriend, happen upon a fabled plant that was unearthed by a 
small seismic event off the coast of Florida.


TRACY, 22, is a student at the University. A rare but predicted seismic event was detected in the Seismology Studies Department. Scoffed at the head professor, Tracy obtains the recorded info, becomes curious and persuades her boyfriend to venture off to investigate what happened underneath the ocean. To their amazement, they discover a fissure that was erected from the ocean floor by the event. Deep inside the opening of the fissure, they arrive upon a cavern that generates its own light via bioluminescence. Inside the cavern, she discovers an odd plant that doesn’t exist on the outer surface, except in a Myth. Little to their knowledge, a SERPENT, also inside the cavern, guards the plant, and gets a mental imprint of who had taken it.

Her boyfriend, MIKE, 28, an avid boxer and spear fisherman, was hoping to find something of great value, but instead brings back this plant. Mike cuts his hand while getting back into the boat from the dive, and his hand, within seconds, heals. He doesn’t understand what happened until later on. Unknowingly, the creature follows their trail back to shore.

Now strange things begin to happen. First, a spider that found its way into Tracy’s gear bag, interacted with the plant. The next day, Mike and his neighbor discover the Spider, now 3 feet in diameter, which had built a web above his driveway. During that day, the serpent, which remembers the color of Tracy’s bathing suit and hair, starts to search the coastal area. A girl with similar features is attacked at the beach. She is thrown 50 feet from the water to shore. Witnesses can’t believe what they saw. The girl, still alive but unconscious, is taken to the ER. They perform an x-ray and discover internal injuries. Moments later, because of contact with the serpent, the girl miraculously heals.

The Doctor accuses the radiologist for this error because it’s not possible. Later, Mike and his neighbor Vinnie, show Tracy the spider that was shot and killed by a cop who refused to radio in the event, in fear of losing his job. She is mystified because it was the same spider that came out of her bag that came in contact with the plant. Later, Mike and Tracy go back to the University to get the results of the plant, which is being analyzed by Tracy’s ethno botanist friend Chris.

He concludes that it’s an unknown species related to the Asarum family. Theories about the new plant are discussed as well as an alternative theory based on an old Sumerian Myth. Afterwards, the couple put two and two together, coming to the conclusion that the plant has some miraculous yet profound consequences on living things which are not the same for every species. Humans heal at an accelerated rate and species other than humans, become gigantic (fish, insects…).

Another girl is attacked. After the 2nd victim, the detective that was on the case, realized that the girls’ features are identical and were wearing the same exact bathing suit. Later, Mike, being a boxer, gets an idea on how to use the plant towards his advantage in his next fight. But little does he know that the episode was caught on a news camera. This event spurs up curiosity on what happens, and a news reporter trails them to Mike’s house. Something is going on that can’t be explained. The news reporter sneaks into Mike’s garage at night trying to uncover some information only to get caught.

In the end, Tracy and her best friend are attacked, and have a confrontation with the Serpent. She now  realizes that the plant must be returned from where it was taken. Tracy and Mike reluctantly go back and are trailed by Sabrina (news reporter) via helicopter. The Serpent appears on their way out to sea, and leads them. When they arrive at the location, they confront the Serpent in a penitent manner but are surprised by the sudden appearance of the helicopter which is attacked by the Serpent. After a feeble attempt of getting footage, the pilot panics and returns back to the harbor. The plant is finally returned to the Serpent in an extraordinary way. Returning back to shore, Mike and Tracy both realize that it was not meant for mankind to possess such power.

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