THINK “Ancestral Myth meets Present”fathoms

A young couple becomes involved in a dangerous conflict between opposing parties when they discover an extra-terrestrial artifact during a dive charter in the hall of a sunken Nazi U-boat off the coast of Florida that might unlock the riddle of “The Fountain of Youth.”


• David Scheckler: a sportsman and thrill seeker, blonde hair, endearing eccentric: sporadically brilliant 28 year old.

• Jennie Huntington: A very beautiful long haired brunette, serious girl and David’s girlfriend. Beautiful smile and eyes, takes the mission very seriously.

• Captain Clarence Lantus: He could be 50 and he could be 100. He is always thinking and scheming. He can’t be trusted because he drives in the middle of the road… His eyes are half-open taking in the material world equally with the spiritual. He always laughs at the other’s decisions, knowing their actions are always the wrong one.

• Dr. Stoner: A good friend of Carl and Teed, 60 something. He would do almost anything to help someone in need if they shared the same idea. He always demands respect from the other males in his group because of his vast knowledge that he has collected over the years.

• David Teed Jr.: also known as “Teed”, early 50’s, master diver by trade and grandson of the late great Cyrus Teed. He is outspoken, warm and painfully honest, with an amazing energy level.

• Sam Herrington: He’s a capitalist, who has many strings he can pull. His ways are very strange to the others. He does not behave in a normal manner. He is always the first to volunteer to infiltrate others’ lives for his own selfish needs.

• Carl: Crypto archaeologist who speaks mostly in parables helping humans and masters alike attain true spiritual communion with the divine via ancient mathematics. He is hard to understand at times but the love in his eyes display the ultimate truth.

They are all facing life-altering changes as they unravel the mystery of the artifact. They experience human love, hardship, and the joy and mystery of a supposed supernatural existence from beyond, and most importantly – friendship.

Original Concept by Allen J. Dybas (Driscoll) and Ray N. Stoner

Outer space and Florida 10,000 years ago, Florida, Bimini, Costa Rica, modern day.

”Fathoms” opens up in Bimini, Costa Rica, and Florida.

10,000 years ago, on a magnificent craft, an extra-terrestrial race traveled across the Milky Way galaxy. At that time Earth, a small planet at the edge of the galaxy, was evolving counter to the expected development of light and life. It was Earth that these intergalactic beings visited and placed something that was to be kept secret. The craft made its way to a mathematically calculated point; over an area we know today as Florida, to create a marker, and place the sacred object there until one day, they would return to retrieve it.

What they left on Earth that becomes the center of an everlasting quest of many individuals.

The ancient civilizations that were given knowledge of this event encrypted the secret on a stone. Over time, mankind evolved, and the stone was lost. Over the centuries, select historians and a few adventurers happened upon this secret in ancient texts that documented this extra-terrestrial event. They sought this stone in hopes that it would lead them to something inexplicable; including Adolf Hitler, who sent numerous expeditions throughout the world in search of it.

Modern day, while scuba-diving off of the coast of Florida, we witness David Scheckler (age 28) and his girlfriend Jennie Huntington accidentally recovering an artifact bearing some very strange writings and profound geometry from the damaged hull of an old sunken Nazi U-boat.

The artifact is noticed by Captain Clarence Lantus, a local treasure hunter. Clarence wants them to turn the artifact over to the state, but in reality, he actually wants the artifact for himself. The Fathoms adventure starts when Clarence trails David and begins to threaten the couple.

What they uncover is supposedly what Ponce De Leon sought; “the fountain of youth”, which isn’t literally a fountain, but an object that was placed there by galactic beings sealed behind a silt megalithic door. Over time, this door gave the spring its healing properties.

Based upon the current events happening around the interest of this recently uncovered stone and the secret underwater activities being led by Herrington and his men, this movie comes to a profound conclusion.

This project was written as a Major Motion Picture Screen Play, but has strong potential to be a successful Television Series and Franchise.

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