As modern society progresses deeper within the information age, producing an expanding commercial entertainment market where content can be delivered on demand and quality subject matter runs short, noticeable market need to fill these lucrative slots has arisen.

In conjunction with the accelerated growth of the Independent Film market, and the growing demand for independent films as a commercial commodity, projects of this nature are becoming increasingly sought after as valuable and lucrative investment vehicles.

Re: 3 Reel Films,LLC Current Projects:

Asarum is a Fantasy Thriller coupled with 3D Animation, Drama and Adventure.  SAG has currently rated Asarum with a 95% success rate.  Industry leaders appreciated the uniqueness of Asarum and mentioned that, “it wasn’t your typical Hollywood script you see everyday.”

Another aspect of the film, Asarum, is that the script was written with a positive tone that the entire family can enjoy.  Jurrasic Park is an example which falls into a similar genre, in which children of all ages can enjoy without being exposed to negative imagery.  The time is ripe for movies that evoke positive emotions and captures the imagination of the audience without falling into the trap of violence and gore.  Asarum sparks curiosity, in the viewer, and taps into the investigative nature of an intelligent fantasy suspense movie.

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