The business model of 3 Reel Films, LLC follows a classic Hollywood success strategy; to ensure a quality product is released optimizing allActingProducts subsidiary income. Our main objective is to bring inspiration onto screen for all to enjoy.

Part of the success model of any company is to have a well developed business and marketing plan.

3 Reel Films, LLC has those as the foundation and is proactively lining up customers, fans and the distribution channels for the movie premiere for front end sales along with back end sales through multimedia distribution channels.  3 Reel Films, LLC is currently interviewing distribution houses such as Warner Brothers, Paramount, Sony, Universal, Imagine Entertainment, etc; to facilitate a worldwide distribution of our Major Motion Picture, ASARUM.

Currently you are invited to a limited time offering for an Exclusive, Major Sponsorship Relationship, Executive Producer Credit & Guaranteed Product Placement in films produced by 3 Reel Films LLC.

ASARUM ( in Development) is a fantasy thriller. Two of the strongest genres for movie goers of recent times.  Our brand consists of theatrical releases, DVD, a soundtrack and merchandise, local and national promotional events. Currently ASARUM is starting brand exposure at one of the large Comic Cons with representation by Chalette Brannan at her booth.

FATHOMS is a Mythic Fiction Adventure.  Pulling in elements that will attract fans of Fantasy, Sci-Fi Adventure, Mystery and World War II History, FATHOMS is a cross generational and genre story based on real life experiences and wrapped in mythical fantasy.

Our delivery of promotional outreach includes (but is not limited to): fund raisers, talent interviews on radio, TV, Newspapers, Press Releases, Social Media, Website Marketing, Street Teams, premieres,  screenings, conferences, book tours and more. Our marketing campaign will reach a global audience.  We are looking for sponsors and partners that want to reach the expanding market of fantasy thriller movies and benefit by product placement in a property that has unlimited shelf life.

For less than one print ad in a magazine for a month, your brand has the opportunity now to acquire guaranteed placement in Asarum.  If you want maximum brand exposure to the strong fan base of fantasy thriller movies, we want to partner with you as our sponsor.

The Purpose of Product Placement Product placement is referred to as “advertainment” (Greenbaum 2003) and is different to conventional or traditional advertising because it is set inside a certain context a viewer has chosen to watch. It is not separate to the entertainment but interacts with the on screen experience. Balasubramanian (1994) defined the term “benefit-mix” to combine both advertising and publicity. The use of product placement is often seen as advantageous for both companies and entertainment producers, raising awareness and brand image as well as providing realism. Product placement is “the purposeful incorporation of a brand into an entertainment vehicle” (Russel, Belch 2005).

For more information about investing, product placement or other involvement with ASARUM, FATHOMS, or BACK TO THE BERMUDA DEPTHS, contact us.